Friday the 13th

Persian Buttercup

Superstition holds Friday the 13th to be an unlucky day. It, along with black cats, walking beneath ladders and Mercury being in retrograde give this spooky occasion the air of a mini-Halloween. I’m not particularly superstitious, but tonight might be a good night to just stay home and not go out to Camp Crystal Lake, with Jason and the rest of gang. Still, Friday the 13th is better than Monday the whatever.

MSD Update: Concrete was laid today. This is a sure sign that the end of this ordeal is drawing nigh. We’ll still have to wait a while for the concrete to cure, before we can start using our driveway again. Hopefully, in a week or two an asphalt topcoat will be laid, giving us a nice new street. Our parking strip is a mess and I don’t have high hopes for MSD doing any meaningful remediation. That will have to wait until they and all of their crap has left for good. 

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