Carmel Beach

We went to Carmel today. We parked up near the top of the hill that is Carmel and then walked down it to the sea. On our way back up the hill, in a move to breakup the climb, we started zigzagging. We would walk up two blocks and then over a block. It was on one of these zigs that a lady in a car flagged us down. She was lost or at least she couldn’t find her destination. She asked us if we knew where, and then she told us an address on 7th, was. We were on 7th. In fact, we were at the end of 7th. So it was a good bet that the house she was looking for was behind her. I whipped out the phone and typed the address into Google maps. Chris was doing the same, but using Apple maps. Apple was only willing to volunteer an approximate location, while Google seemed more confident. So, we went with that. I showed her where to turn, ending with stopping at the fourth house from the corner at the last turn. As it turns out that’s how it is done in Carmel. They don’t use street numbers. Everyone gets their mail at the post office and if you have to describe where your house is, you count doors from a corner. Many of the buildings have names, like The Sundowner or such, but none of them have street numbers. I wondered what EMS does, but I assume that they just count doors too. 

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