Maytag Man

Washer and Dryer

Well, I’m declaring victory in my washer war. I picked up the new pump from the Sears parts depot. It looked different from the old one, but I gave it a try. It installed fairly easily. I decided to do an empty test run first. That proved to be problematic. The machine started to throw new error codes, ones that indicated a more ominous, read expensive, problem with the motor control board. Also I heard the rattle of a coin in the new drain pump. I opened the drain valve and extracted another dime. Finally, I thought that running the machine empty of clothes might be messing it up. I tried it again with a few clothes and it worked! I’m currently running my third load, so I’m now declaring victory. 

I found this picture that I had created years ago, well before I started blogging, which has been ten years. I made it to celebrate the purchase of our then new high efficacy washer and dryer. The space aliens are from the Simpsons, with a little extra bubbly. Silly, but I was so excited about our new machines.

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