Weekend Roundup

Banded Flutterer Dragonfly

Here is a quick summary of latest events:

  • Both Dan and Dave survived #Windmageddon, the hashtag given to this week’s nor’easter, the bomb cyclone that pummeled the east coast. Dave in Boston reported that his office building was shaking. While, Dan left NYC and chased the storm out of New England and then drove on to Maine. He’ll be in Maine for six weeks, filming a movie. His quarters there had lost power, but that had been restored by the time he arrived yesterday. 
  • Anne and I went for a bicycle ride. It has been a while, but now that the weather seems to be getting warmer, look for more of this to happen.
  • Our washing machine died. It started throwing error codes and stopping in the middle of a cycle, with a tub still full of water. I went on to YouTube U for some Special Ed. I watched enough videos to coach me through getting the lower service panel open, which has been the toughest chore so far.
    • I opened and drained the pump’s filter valve, which got most of the water out of the machine, mainly all over the floor, but that’s no big deal. I thought that I had found the problem, when I checked the drain pump filter. It was chock full of coins, ten years worth of coins left in pockets. They were pretty nasty too.
    • I was washing the money out in the sink when Anne accused me of laundering dirty money. The silver was still good, but electrolysis had corroded most of the pennies. There must have been a few bucks in there. I found a couple of coins past the pump in the drain hose.
    • These must have torn up the pump, because even after cleaning everything out, the washer continued to code. I removed the pump and ordered a new one from Sears, which I hope to pickup tomorrow.

How did we ever survive before the Internet? 

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