Across the Wide Missouri

Silver Missouri, Maya Lin, 2013

We’re home now, having left KC straight away. We had planned on stopping at the Truman library, it being Presidents Day and all then, but ended up pressing on regardless. We didn’t even stop at the Duluth Trading outlet, because it had begun to rain by then. Mother Nature appears bent on erasing our drought this week. We need the rain. On Sunday, when we were walking along the Missouri, we noticed how low the water level was. There was no sign of any Corps of Engineer’s upstream water releases. On I-70, we crossed the Missouri twice.

In Saint Louis, there are many references to Lewis and Clark. Both streets and institutions are named after these explorers. This is fitting since Saint Louis was both the beginning and the end of their epic journey of exploration. In KC, I was surprised at the large number of mentions that they got there too. The pictured Maya Lin art piece got me thinking that we should retrace their journey. This summer offers an opportunity to retrace some of their steps. We plan on driving to Montana and could visit some Lewis and Clark historic sites along the way. 

2 thoughts on “Across the Wide Missouri

  1. Years ago, someone wrote the historical novel entitled Sacagawea about the Lewis & Clark expedition. I imagine the date of publication would have been around 1972-1978. It enthralled me in my early teen years; I had the impression that, while fictional, historical and socio-historical sources supported the account.

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