Mallory Square Sunset

Schooner Sunset

We enjoyed a full day in this southernmost city. The motto for Key West is southernmost. Everything is southernmost, from the southernmost point in the continental United States, to the southernmost house adjoining that point and even the southernmost, southernmost house, a new addition that swooped in to lay claim to the title. We started our day with Cuban coffee again, café con leche this time, made our way over to Duval Street, the main drag and then down to the southernmost point. The line for this photo-op was too long, so we
eschewed it. The rest of the day we spent working our way north. We did this mainly via Duval, but we took other excursions. We visited the 19th-century Fort Zachary Taylor, named for a distant relative of mine. He was president too. We also visited a NOAA eco-center that is in part run by the park service. Anne got a stamp there that turned out to be for Dry Tortuga, so I guess we don’t have to go there now. We also visited Truman’s winter Whitehouse, before getting to Mallory Square to view the sunset. The parade of boats leading up to the sunset was most impressive. The crowd that gathered to view the sunset on the square was also entertaining. It was a chilly 60 ºF today. Tomorrow should be warmer.

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