Life in the Ice Age

Life in the Ice Age

We have to keep telling ourselves that this is just climate change and not global warming. Living life here, on the edge of the steppe, Anne and I huddle together for warmth. What little wood that I can find never seems to last. I’m left thinking that we should have migrated south. There is so little game around here now and it is always so cold. Mr. Snuffleupagus and his kin come later and later each year, if they even come at all. Raiders took the neighbors. They were four-legged demons, men on horseback. They swept down from the north on the cusp of this latest wintery blast. I heard that it was something about taxes.

Fred Flintstone was his name, Fred and Wilma. He always seemed kind of loud and bossy, but she seemed nice enough. Anyway, no one deserves that fate. Fred had just been showing off to me his new 60″ HD wall carvings. I really liked watching the new show, 10,000 BC. It seemed so modern. They say that it is supposed to get warmer again, in a few millennia. I certainly hope so. It is hard to believe that it is only the 2nd.  It’s going to be a long ice age and don’t start with any of that Game of Thrones, winter is coming crap. Winter is already here, you [explicit deleted] moron.

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