Friday Night, Cook’s Night Out

Fresh Eggs

As amazing as this rather retro poster’s price is, I bought eggs last week for 49¢. It was a fluke, because the next time I shopped for eggs they were a much less surprising $1.49. I don’t think that it was a typo though.

I picked Anne up from school. Our destination was the Maplewood business district and their Christmas tree lighting. On the way over, Anne vented about her day:

A 3rd Grader: Why did you mark all my answers wrong?
Our Favorite Teacher: I’m working with this student. Please wait your turn.
A3G: You always mark my answers wrong, because you don’t like me.
OFT: I grade tests independent of who took it.
A3G: You hate me!
OFT: I do not hate you.
A3G: You just said, “I […] hate you.”

The MRH Elementary School choir was the highlight of the tree ceremony. We tried shopping at some of the stores, but they were all slammed. I’ll swing by later, during the week, when they will be less crowded. We supped at Reed’s American Table and shared 3 small plates for dinner:

kale salad, apricots, cherries, pecans, Stilton blue cheese & juniper dressing
“lobster” roll, butter poached monk fish, sauce americaine, brioche, tarragon & chive
mushroom panna cotta, leaks, shiitake and cremini mushrooms, frisee salad, grapes & walnut vinaigrette

For dessert, we shared:

persimmon tart, nutmeg oat streusel, brandy caramel & vanilla whipped cream

After eating out at Reed’s, the difference between buying eggs at 49¢ versus $1.49 was just budget dust. There was frost on the windshield and there is now snow on the blog. This Christmas thing is starting to get real. Happy Holidays!

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