Making Christmas

Here are a couple of photos that Dan took and posted to Facebook earlier this week. He took them during Macy’s grand Christmas windows unveiling. He has been making these displays for the past several months. That is, when he’s not jetting around the country installing the previous years displays at other satellite Macy’s stores, like Chicago, Philly and Washington. He liked to describe his job as “making Christmas”, which is a play on how the contractor that he worked for described the job. They liked to say that they were “stealing Christmas”, because they had just won the contract by under-bidding the original supplier, which sounds pretty cutthroat considering the spirit of the season. Dan really liked this job, but what with the job’s seasonal nature, all good things must eventually come to an end. They cut him loose this last week, but promised to keep him in mind when they start-up again next year. They also promised Dan good references and help with finding more work in the mean time.

Let’s take a boat to Bermuda
Let’s take a plane to Saint Paul
Let’s grab a kayak to Quincy or Nyack
Let’s get away from it all
Frank Sinatra

He already has work lined up for this coming week. A former employer had already called him. He is not sure what he will be doing, but in the past, he has built sets for this guy. He’ll have to take the train up to Nyack, which is twice as far as Yonkers, his previous longest commute. Nyack is on the Hudson’s west side and the train only goes up the east side to Tarrytown. They’ll send a shuttle over to pick him up, which sure beats swimming. Interestingly, just north of Tarrytown is the village of Sleepy Hollow of Washington Irving fame. Too bad that Halloween has already come and gone this year. 👿

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