Scary Halloween Moon

There is a certain chill in the air. Halloween is upon us. Thanksgiving is up next and Christmas is around the corner. As they say on HBO, “Winter is coming.” Before we go there though, let’s revel a little in a tonight’s faux scariness. One of this holiday’s elements that I really enjoy is the Halloween joke. Best told in a halting manner by a small child. Derived from the trick-or-treat tradition, the joke is a substitute for some otherwise mean trick.

Q: What’s an optimistic vampire’s favorite drink?
A: B-Positive

The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch hosted a trick-or-treat joke contest this month and I’ve included three of the winners here. Even young comedians sometimes need new material. They’re all rather corny and any one over the age of five cannot do them justice, but if I hear any of them tonight, it should bring a laugh. 

Q. What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?
A: Bam-Boo!

Yesterday, I bought tonight’s trick-or-treat candy and this morning I set out our modest holiday decorations. Hopefully, they will be enough to attract a few kids to our door. We never get very many, but always enjoy all that we do. Have a happy Halloween! I think that Anne is planning on going as a scary old teacher. 

Q: What’s the difference between swine flu and bird flu?
A: For swine flu you get oink-meant and for bird flu you get tweet-ment.

👿 😯 😈

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