Fabulous Fox Detail

I took off before dawn, even at 30,000 feet. Blasted through the rain-soaked cloud deck to find stars and just a hint of the rising sun. As soon as we peaked, we started to descend into Chicago. It’s sunny here and I just remembered the first thing that I forgot to bring, sunglasses. There are an awful lot of Cubs fans here. Dan was here too, earlier this week for business, dressing windows for Macy’s.

Last night, we saw “The Bodyguard” at the Fox. This musical is a spin-off from the Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner movie, whose soundtrack had the second biggest box office ever. Because of current events (Las Vegas, Orlando, Newtown,…), the staff was vociferous about warning the audience of the show’s opening scene gunfire, but they never warned us of the eye-watering bright stage lights. Who knew we should have brought our eclipse glasses? Also, the show had an unexpected intermission in the first act due to technical difficulties. On the other hand, the music was nice.

Landed in Rochester, where Chris picked me up. He fixed lunch and afterwards, we took a walk out of his front door and into Lucien Morin Park. He marched me up the hill again and again. Our destination was a gazebo in the woods, but not just any gazebo, but the officer’s watch tower. Originally part of a national guard rifle range, it was eventually handed to the Boy Scouts. Now it is part of Morin Park. Sitting there in the warm afternoon sun, I got to tell a D&D joke:

Dungeon Master: You come upon a gazebo.
Player #1: Oh, I’ve heard of these, they’re tough!
Player #2: I fire my crossbow of slaying at it.
DM: It hits.
#2: What’s it doing now?
DM: Nothing. It is just standing there.
#1: I told you that these were tough.

I also learned that that word gazebo is a portmanteau, formed humorously from gaze, in imitation of Latin future tenses ending in -ebo. We eventually made it down to Lake Ontario or at least a bay off of it and then we hiked up the hill again. Tomorrow, begins our road trip to NYC.

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