Pacific Grove


Dad, Anne and I went to Pacific Grove today, one of the nicer Monterey Bay communities, but not too hoity-toity. We visited the city’s 134 year-old natural history museum, which has been kept Victorian in feel and scientifically up to date . The museum was founded in the 19th-century Chautauqua movement. These assemblies spread throughout rural America and brought culture to these communities. Teddy Roosevelt was quoted as saying that Chautauqua is “the most American thing in America”. Later, Anne visited a nearby yarn store, while Dad snapped a photo of me, nesting in the museum’s garden. We lunched nearby at a Joe Rombi restaurant, sharing a pesto chicken pizza. Afterwards, we did a little coast watching and saw a cormorant getting flushed by the surf.

Old Cormorant and the Sea

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