Eclipse Mania

February 26, 1979 Eclipse Pics with Different Exposure Settings

In just a few days, on Monday, August 21st, the Great Solar Eclipse of 2017 will occur. The eclipse will be visible throughout most of the continental US and the path of totality runs coast-to-coast. Our house is on the edge of totality, but we will likely journey 50 miles south to get to the center of the path of totality and thereby lengthen the period of totality. With the many area interstates (I-44, I-55, I-64 and I-70) that cross the path of totality, there are plenty of options. The forecast for Monday has improved. Rain was taken out of the forecast, and it now sits at sunny, turning to partly cloudy at about the time of the eclipse. I’ll likely wait until Monday morning, before choosing which direction to go and pick the direction that has the best forecast.

A ten-pack of those special solar eclipse glasses arrived yesterday. I had waited too long and had to purchase a more expensive product than I would have if I had acted more promptly. Mister Bill is coming south for the event and Anne is taking the day off. Weather permitting, it should be a great time. One could say that it is a once in a lifetime event, except that this will not be my first rodeo. The photos are from 1979, the last time a total eclipse passed over the USA. I however, flew north to Canada. I hope to get better pictures this time around. 

Setting-up at Gimli Airport in Manitoba, Canada on February 26, 1979

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