Catch A Falling Star

Anne and Dan at the AMNH

…and put it in your pocket. Well, maybe not with any of these fallen stars. No, not my Anne or Dan, I’m speaking about the rocks around them. That’s Anhighito (behind them), that word is Inuit for the tent, the woman (in front) and the dog (on the right). These three stones all came from Cape York, Greenland. For years and years the Inuits mined these meteorites for iron and made weapons and tools with the ore. Then the 19th-century explorer Robert Perry came along, got one of the Inuit drunk and then got him to show him the meteorite. Perry took the meteorites, kidnaped the Inuit and his father and now they are on display at the American Museum of Natural History for you to see. No, not the Inuit or his father, but they’re still there at the museum or at least their bones are. They just are not on display.

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