Payback is a [expletive]!

Central Park in NYC

Central Park in NYC

It is only two weeks until inauguration day and with its impending approach my sense of doom grows daily. However, a new hope has just appeared. Even New York Times columnist Frank Bruni admits that he was only spreading rumors in his column today, but I have been basking in the fiery glow of his devilishness ever since. Say what? I say Hillary Clinton for mayor of New York City. As Bruni fiendishly speculates, “Imagine the fun:”

  • City building inspectors climbing all over Trump Tower
  • City health inspectors crawling through the Trump Grill
  • Potholes near his properties go unfilled
  • Streets near his properties are the last to be plowed
  • NYC’s Mexican Day Parade rerouted past Trump Tower

Of course, he’ll sputter and tweet about all of this, which will only serve to make Clinton supporters even happier. She will be the boss of him whenever he comes to town and he is in town a lot. It makes for a beautiful fairy tale, but fantasy is all that it is. Or is it?

Bill de Blasio the current mayor, is expected to run for reelection, with the Democratic primary election up first, later this year. Blasio’s tenure as mayor has been marked by political grumblings, both in and out of the Democratic Party. Add to this the stream of investigations that he has had to endure and his candidacy seems less than assured. While last November, Hillary carried the Big Apple with 79% of the vote against hometown boy Donald Trump. According to a Democratic source quoted this week by Newsmax, “If she ran, she’d win.”

So far, all of this idle speculation has been bubbling up from conservative sources since the day after Election Day. It is as if now that the Republicans are finally rid of the Clintons, they want to find a way to get them back again. I guess just to torture them further. There is no word yet on any of this from the Clinton camp, but how many long walks in the woods of Chappaqua can one take, before it turns you into a wood nymph? Stay tuned for more, I hope.

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