Quebec, Quebec


We arrived in Quebec City yesterday and most of these photos are from last evening. We are staying in the Hotel Clarendon, the smaller building on the corner, which is across Rue Sainte Anne from City Hall and its fountain. The Basilique-Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Quebec and Rue De Buade is a block away and everywhere else is in easy walking distance within the old quarter. Quebec has lived up to its reputation as being the most European city in North America or as I like to think, Europe for Americans who are still on trainer wheels. Quebec is also very hilly. It was originally built on a steep hill for defensive purposes, to repel invaders, like us Americans. It was very successful at doing this when Benedict Arnold and company came bearing just muskets. Now we Americans come bearing dollars and credit cards and have completely taken over the town. Quebec has winding, climbing and falling streets, which we have so far only dared to navigate on foot. During the day the above street scene photos are mobbed with tourists and are the biggest obstacles around, crowding out even the huge tour buses. Last night, we marched around the citadel, which is at the top of the hill and today we toured lower town, which is at the bottom. We did two museums and have been eating way, way too well.

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