My First Cosmo

My First Cosmo

My First Cosmo

Cosmo also known as the Women’s Bible is a magazine targeted at the 18-35 mostly Caucasian, female population. It teaches a certain set of virtues and life lessons like “90 ways to please your man” and “How to make men want you.” It can be incredibly funny, ridiculous or offensive depending on one’s perspective. It has single-handedly set some woman back many years, by defining them solely through their relationships with men.

When I first pulled this magazine out of our mailbox, I assumed that the mailman had delivered someone else’s mail to me, but on closer inspection, I saw my name and address on the mailing label. I have no idea how I got this magazine and what I assume will be the beginning of a subscription. I didn’t ask for it and I’m certainly not going to pay for it. I’m nowhere near the target demographic, 18-35 mostly Caucasian, females. I suspect that someone has maliciously signed me up for this magazine. Ha, ha, very funny.

2 thoughts on “My First Cosmo

  1. LMAO!! I think the ONLY copy of “Cosmo” that ever entered my life was the one that my Mom picked up (because it was so ballyhooed) with the centerfold of Burt Reynolds way back when… and that was only because it was just too hilarious to not have around!!

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