Costa Rican Zipline

Dave on a Costa Rican Zipline

Dave on a Costa Rican Zipline

The photo with this post is courtesy of Dave. It’s from the vacation trip to Costa Rica that he took this last month. Dave posted this and a couple hundred more pictures from this trip to Facebook this week. Most of the photographs show a kaleidoscope of tropical fauna. There are a plethora of birds, bugs, reptiles and more, including one rather creepy looking crab found poolside.

Earlier this year, Dave took his income taxes to H & R Block and got a healthy return. This new-found wealth combined with the excuse that one of his old Rochester roommates had graduated from medical school was all that was needed to book the trip. The package that Dave bought was one of those that includes everything, seven nights, each in a different locale, covering both coasts and the mountains in between. The one thing that Dave had told me that wasn’t included in the package was a zipline tour through the tropical rainforest canopy. The tour company did not want to include it in the tour package, due to liability concerns. There had been accidental fatalities in the past. I just assumed that Dave wouldn’t be doing it, silly me.

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