May Day

This morning I bicycled in Forest Park. Yesterday, I also biked in the park, but today was May Day. The accompanying photo gallery shows some of the sights that I saw today. I launched in the predawn light, arriving in the park at dawn. The morning mist lay heavy on the golf course’s fairways and greens and made for a great photo-op. As I began my first circuit around the park’s habit-trail I heard chanting coming from the vicinity of Art Hill. I detoured off the bike path and made a beeline towards the source of the sound.

On top of the hill, the sun was a little higher in the sky than down below, but it was still quite low in the sky. Its low angle nicely projected the statue of Saint Louis’s shadow onto the art museum’s wall. Adjoining Saint Louis was a morning yoga class doing sun salutations in the dew wet grass. I heard the chanting again, only this time from below.

I caught up with the source of the sound; the Wash-U ROTC class was doing PT in the park. The kids seemed pleased with the paparazzi attentions of a bicycling old coot. Later, I shot a low-speed photograph of me and my bicycle’s shadow. All of these perambulations made me late for the main event though. When I arrived in front of the Jewel Box, the May Day revelers were already packing up their Maypole. “You’re too late, come back next May”, admonished one of the revelers. His revelry had left him famished and he was anxious to get to Steak and Shake for breakfast.

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