Hey Babe!

Lego Store Sign, Made from Little Lego People

Lego Store Sign, Made from Little Lego People

Our two sons enjoyed making, building and playing with Lego when they were young. Lego makes great educational toys for children of both sexes. It was with disappointment then that I heard about these construction stickers that Lego is marketing to kids aged “1 to 101.” To my mind there is only one overtly sexist sticker. This sticker shows a construction worker in overalls, hard-hat and sunglasses calling out, “Hey Babe!” This sticker is a not too subtle reference to cat calling construction workers of yore. Two other stickers, “Men at Work” and “Getting Dirty” are not overtly harassing, but together with “Hey Babe!” could be considered suspect. The truth is most construction workers are men. Another sticker, while not a sexist problem, has a problem all its own, “I Love the Smell of Concrete in the Morning”, which is a reference to the R-rated movie, Apocalypse Now. Here is a link to the much more indignant original article.

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  1. All true, I still love lego though. My mother even build her dream house with lego (when she was an adult that is) and guess where she’s living now! 🙂

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