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Forest Park Tullips

Forest Park Tullips

I went for a bicycle ride after work tonight. After a day of rain, it was nice to get outside again. We’ve gotten so much rain these past few months that we’ve gone from record drought conditions to near record flood conditions. Not only is the Mississippi flooding, but so is our basement. I’ve gotten so fed up with it that I’ve hired a man to put a sub-pump in. This will occur in a week or two, so we’ll just have to put up with the water puddles until then. I didn’t have much else to say tonight, do I combed by notes, an informal archive of blog fodder ideas and came up with the following items that I have heard:

“The help desk doesn’t know anything.” I overheard this comment at work. An IT person was making a service call and an engineer, the other half of this conversation had just previously said, “But the help desk had told me …”

“Being organized is just for people too lazy to look for things.” One of Anne’s colleagues has a button, a bumper sticker or simply made a Facebook comment to this effect. Anne liked it so much that she shared it with me and now I’m sharing it with you. It also tends to justify our housekeeping style.

The history of the United States can be told in eleven words: Columbus, Washington, Lincoln, Volstead, Two flights up and ask for Gus. – New York Evening Sun 

I heard the preceding quote on Ken Burn’s Prohibition documentary. I thought that it nicely encapsulated US history to that point. While, I’m sitting here slaving over a hot blog-stove, Anne and Joanie are living it up at the barroom. They are at the Schafly Bottleworks in Maplewood, having a beer or two, knitting, and listening Science on Tap, a monthly science oriented lecture series. Tonight’s lecture is on meteorites. Schafly also commemorates the repeal of Prohibition, every April 6th. I’m that there is more knitting than beer going on between Anne and Joanie, but I’m pretty sure that there is beer there too.

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