Storytelling and Symbolism

Pink Cabin Sunset

Pink Cabin Sunset

We got a Facebook notification from Dan this afternoon; he was about to be interviewed live on an Internet radio show/podcast called Ask Andrew Anything, This show appears on GYST [Getting Your Sh*t Together] Radio. This call-in talk radio show is the creation of the host, Andrew Thompson. Dan’s episode is called Storytelling and Symbolism. If you follow this link, you’ll find a recording of the show, photos of some of Dan’s artwork, links to some of the things that they talked about and the following synopsis:

Originally from Saint Louis, Ohio [Missouri] but currently living in Los Angeles, Axe uses model building techniques to create sculptures that become allegories for stories without providing context or explanation. Absurd narratives are developed through obsessive and calculated crafting with each process carefully considered and chosen for its historic and symbolic significance as much as its technical qualities.

This episode of Ask Andrew Anything runs an hour. The first half of the show was broadcasted live, while the second half was only available via podcast. The above link will stream both halves. We listened to most of it live, went for a bike ride and then listened to the second half after we returned home. Those of us who know Dan will not be surprised at his loquaciousness. It was interesting to hear about all of the thought that goes into his art. We enjoyed the show and you should check it out too. Here is a link to Dan’s website, where you can see more of his artwork and under the blog tab are entries on some of the topics that were discussed, like Kowloon, the walled city and the ballistic missile test.

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