My Mom the Art Collector

My dad has offered to send us a couple of paintings that once hung in my parent’s house. Now they sit in storage and need a good home. One is a pop art lithographic print, title and artist unknown. He didn’t remember much about this picture, except that it was likely acquired in either Ann Arbor or Texas. The other painting is oil on masonite, “Street scene on the Isle of Capri”, by Patricia Stanley Cunningham. Mom got it in Carmel, about 1956. It is pictured above and also can be seen hanging above the fireplace in the photo of our first Monterey living room. That’s me on the couch next to her. Mom got the house in a nice spread in the Monterey newspaper. The title of the article was “Tract but not trite.” This picture was featured in the article. This sort of launched her career as an interior designer and collector of fine art.

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