A Matter of Principals

Le Corbusier Chaise Lounge

Le Corbusier Chaise Lounge

No, le Marquis hasn’t again confusedly conflated two homophones. I did it on purpose this time. Anne was the Early Childhood Center’s principal today. One of the perks of Anne’s job as a substitute teacher is that she gets to experience a wide variety of different jobs. She has taught every grade from high school seniors on down to pre-school. She has been a gym teacher and a music teacher too. She has been the librarian and even the school nurse. After today, about the only educational positions she hasn’t held yet are bus driver and custodian. Her work day began with a breakfast club. Think Molly Ringwald, but with much younger students. She packaged birthday pencils and did a lot of recess duty. The rest of her day was made up of filling in where she was needed.

The pictured Le Corbusier chaise lounge is part of the collection of the Chicago Art Institute. It is always a shock to see an everyday item in an art museum. I know, because this has happened more than once. My mother had purchased a very similar piece of furniture to the one pictured above. My mom’s and the museum’s chase lounges were designed in 1928 and first manufactured 1933. I expect that the museum’s is an original, while my mother’s is a modern copy. It’s designers were Le Corbusier, who was Charles-Edouard Jeanneret (French, Swiss-born, 1887-1965), his cousin Pierre Jeanneret, (Swiss, 1896-1965) and Charlotte Perriand (French, 1903-1999). It’s construction includes a tubular chrome-plated steel frame that is adjustable and is mounted on a painted black metal base. The museum’s model was upholstered with brown and white pony skin and includes a brown leather pillow. My mother’s is upholstered in black leather and includes a black leather pillow.

3 thoughts on “A Matter of Principals

  1. great chair, but let’s back up to ‘Anne as gym teacher’. I cannot get my head around it. For starters, she throws “like a girl”…. love you Annie Pooh! 😉

  2. Yes, I throw like someone who can’t throw. (Lots of girls CAN throw, as you know, being one of them.) I sing like a raven, grok, grok. That’s why it is so funny when I am called to sub for either gym or music teachers. However, it usually isn’t necessary to throw or sing, as they write the sub plans assuming they’ll have a place holder. I still don’t like to be a solo PE teacher though.
    Yesterday was a pretty good day as a gym teacher, since the other PE teacher was there too. The kids were doing stations as the big finish for the Jump Rope for Health and Hoops for Heart campaigns. Station 1 was Just Dance videos on the stage, 2 – jump ropes, 3 – hulahoops, 4 – potato sack races on mats, 5 – partner jump ropes, 6 – cardio room, 7 – basketballs, and 8 – cutting out hearts and taping them to the wall. Lest you think we were training Aztec priests and/or serial killers, the hearts were paper, and said “In honor of _______ because ______”. After doing so many physical activities, some of the students brought their hearts over to the wall and tried to stick them up without any tape. What’s wrong with this picture?
    –your maladroit sister

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