Crown Fountain

Fountains in the winter are often pale ghosts of their summer blush. Freezing pipes and icy conditions prevent their functioning in these northern climes. The Crown Fountain in Millennium Park must be awesome in the summer when water tips its top and flows down all of its sides and the animated faces on the two interior sides spit streams.
Crown Fountain has been the most controversial element of Millennium Park. Before it was built, there were concerns that the sculpture’s height violated the aesthetic tradition of the park. After construction, surveillance cameras were installed atop the fountain, which led to a public outcry and their quick removal. The fountain has survived its contentious beginnings to find its way into Chicago’s heart. Its many facial images are taken from Chicagoans. Last week, when we visited the fountain, the water wasn’t running, but its LED lights were.

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  1. The fountain is quite different during the warmer months. All the children (and some adults) play in the water stretching out in a small stream in front of the fountain. It’s very cooling on a warm spring or summer day.

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