Forest (Fire) Park

Anne and I went back to work today. Anne had spring break last week, while I took vacation. We went up to Chicago for the first half of the week, but got back home late Wednesday evening. Thursday morning dawned all too early for me to drag myself into work, but Anne made it to election judge training that day. When Friday rolled around it didn’t seem worthwhile to go into work for just one day, besides the weather was gorgeous that day, sunny with a balmy high in the seventies. I’ll probably regret taking these two vacation days come summer, but I really did enjoy the time off.

Of the four days last week in Saint Louis, I got out on my bicycle on three of them. Yesterday, was just too cold and grey to muster the initiative to go riding. Friday was certainly the pick day. The park was mobbed with visitors. There was also an event. Wind, moisture and the alignment of the stars finally coincided to allow the long-planned control burn of the prairie grass north of Steinberg Rink. Originally planned for January, weather had not permitted this event until last week. I happened upon it, while the operation was under full swing. Normally, the parks service is content to mow the park’s prairies, but lately they’ve felt the need to burn. Burning helps to eradicate invasive species. They had tried this operation last year in the Deer Lake section of the part, but wind caused them to shut down the operation prematurely. This year the weather was more cooperative and the parks service was more successful.

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