Members of the Academy, I Thank You

Tomorrow night is Academy Awards night. The one night out of the year that Hollywood goes out of its way to self congratulate itself and bestow honor, wealth and fame on the best and the brightest among themselves. Traditionally, the night before is devoted to worst that Hollywood has had to offer. The Golden Raspberry Awards, the Razzies are held tonight. Unfortunately [for you], none of the trifecta of films that I have to offer to you, were neither good enough nor bad enough for any awards. They are comfortably mediocre, but without further ado, I give you Le Marquis’ Academy Awards contestants. So, hold your nose if you must, but then press play.

The first film, “Big Night for Mini Abe” is actually related to the Academy Awards. On Monday morning, I am going to relish regaling my Republican co-workers from the great state of Illinois about this movie, because they paid for it. This movie was produced by the Illinois Bureau of Tourism.
Watch it, if you’ve ever wondered what the days leading up to Hollywood’s biggest night are like for a former president and who hasn’t? Well, you can stop wondering now. See Abe like you’ve never seen him before, unless you happen to collect articulated presidential action figures.

There’s no way to intellectualize this next movie, it is just two minutes of goats yelling like humans. [Sorry, I needed some filler.] Someone has strung together over two minutes of goats shrieking, shouting, squealing, and hollering, but never bleating! They sound just like real human beings. By way of explanation, the Spanish dude asks the goat about then President José Luis Rodríguez and the Canary Island government. I love the dog’s expression at the film’s end.

We made this final entry today. We being Anne and I. Saint Louis has likely had its big snowfall of the season and we weren’t about to miss out on it. Mecca in Saint Louis for sledding is Art Hill, so named for the art museum that sits upon it in Forest Park. There were plenty of kids and adults plying the slopes, while we were there. The snow was particularly icy and fast. Afterwards, we went over to Blueberry Hill for lunch. We found that half of the Loop has been torn up or is under construction. Apparently, Wash U. is expanding northwards into the Loop now and they are in a hurry. They were even working on Saturday.

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    • Well, the parents wouldn’t sign a release for their kid to be on Youtube, so we had to cut that part. LOL!
      Actually, the little kids were going faster than Mark, as he was traversing at the edges instead of bombing straight down the middle.

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