Pesky Rabbet Joints

Dan's Latest Creation

Dan’s Latest Creation

It snowed unexpectedly today. There were flurries in the forecast, but what we ended up with was an inch of fluffy white stuff. An inch might not sound like much to those readers from more northern climes, but it was a big deal for Anne and her first graders today. Even normally staid and reticent engineers were all, “Oh look, it snowed.”

It was probably a good thing that this snowfall came upon us without warning, because when Saint Louis is warned about impending snow, we do not react well to the news. At the first call for snow, everyone jumps into their cars and motors out to the nearest interstate and then parks. At least that is how it appears to me, when I get off work. So, snow days are always synonymous with long sloughing commutes home. As we Saint Louisans eventually worm our way home, there is always one obligatory stop that we must all make. We must all swing by the grocery store and purchase milk and bread, because God forbid, we might be snowbound for days.

Dan sent up this picture of his latest project. It is another commission, a large dining room table (84” x 31.5”). Shown is the clamped table top. It is made of red oak boards that are rabbet joined. This is the impetuous for this post’s title.

In last weekend’s WSJ Magazine there was an article, “Two of a Kind”. It is a feature article about two 28 year-old fraternal twins, living and working in LA and the furniture that they make. The synergy with Dan’s pursuits was obvious, but would mentioning them to him cross some line and make us into the meddling parents. We took the chance, and Dan was genuinely interested, and plans on looking them up.

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  1. Around this part of the continent, temps were below zero at dawn with wind chills even lower. Schools were cancelled left, right, north & south. Yet, the local school district was already off for today for Records Day, since last week was Finals Week, so the still-in-public-school students didn’t get any additional free days off. No band tonight due to closed schools, but as I’m still recovering, it didn’t make any difference for me anyway 🙁

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