Love and Fate on the Rocks

Friday night, Joanie, Anne and I had dinner at Yen Ching’s. At the end of dinner they served fortune cookies and the check. My fortune was the following:

You can’t ride in all directions at one time.

Well the Chinese laborer who made that cookie has never seen me in Forest Park. East, South, West, North and then repeat, as I ride around the bike path. I call that riding in all directions at one time. It is traveling in a circle, which is the meaning of the message, but sometimes that’s a good thing.

Saturday was a beautiful day. The high was a balmy 67 °F, under a crystal blue sky. Today was a rare January day and I rode out to enjoy as much of it as I could, because the forecast calls for more seasonal weather tomorrow, followed by bitter cold. The mercury is running like a rollercoaster, one day it’s up, the next day it comes crashing down. When I left, Anne was making some noises about picking her bicycle up from Mesa.

All the beautiful people were out and about in the park. I was into my third podcast (NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour and Slate’s Political and Culture Gabfests) when Anne called. She had ridden her bike the half-mile home from the shop and wanted to do some more riding. We agreed to meet at the De Mun Kaldis. I arrived first ordered a pair of lovely lattés and a plate of nachos. Don’t laugh, the Kaldis nachos really rock. After lunch we rode home together. I was ever watchful, ready to thrust my body between Anne and any passive-aggressive parked car or any mean piece of asphalt. I hope that I didn’t make her too nervous doing this.

It was good to see her get back on the bike. It has been a long wait. When we were unlocking our bikes outside of Kaldis, we overheard a trio of hipsters. One was speaking with a fourth over her cell. The other party was late joining them, because they had spent 45 minutes in traffic, trying to navigate the Loop. The Loop was hosting its annual ice carnival today. After shepherding Anne safely home (don’t worry, this phase won’t last long), I re-launched towards U City. The place was mobbed, nothing like sixty degree weather to bring out the ice carnival devotes.

Delmar was filled with four lines of stationary cars. The outermost two lanes were officially parked. The middle two lanes were effectively parked. Fortunately, there was plenty of room for me to slip between the cars, as I glided up and down the avenue. My only real traffic issues occurred, when I dismounted and joined the throngs on either sidewalk.

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