A Night at the Museum

The Eads Bridge on a Dark and Foggy Night

The Eads Bridge on a Dark and Foggy Night

It was a dark and stormy night, well it was. Thursday night we went down by the river, not in a van, but to the Arch. We attended the grand opening of the Maplewood-Richmond Heights Elementary School’s exhibit at the Arch’s museum. Last night, was more party than education. I guess Anne, her colleagues and their students, had already done all of that heavy lifting. In addition to the great social vibe of the evening, there were also cookies and free Arch tram rides.

The photo with this post is of the Eads Bridge, the oldest bridge across the Mississippi in Saint Louis. It demarcates the northern boundary of the Arch grounds. For once, I can claim fog as an excuse, instead of focus, for the fuzziness of this photograph. Still, I think that it makes for a great effect.

After the show, Anne and I retreated to the Tap Room, for a light supper and a brew. The Post-Dispatch had a great article about the school’s exhibit, that I’ll link to here. Individual students are interviewed and their commentary on the exhibit is priceless. We managed to dodge the occasional rain storm, on the Arch grounds and at the Tap Room, but our luck ran out, when we finally returned home.

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