To Infinity, and Beyond!

Yellow Pacific Grove Flower

Yellow Pacific Grove Flower

It seemed that everyone at work must have fallen off of the fiscal cliff last night, because that would have certainly explained the dazed confusion that seemed to prevail all day in the office. It was my first day of work of the New Year and my first workday in over a week.

One co-worker strolled in after ten and promptly announced that his alarm had failed to go off and he had over slept. He also forgot his employee badge and had been issued a temporary one. Our office has more locked doors per capita than most other offices and these locks are all opened with your regular badge. Temporary badges need not apply. Showing up at work without your badge really hampers your mobility around the office and can leave you trapped outside a locked door for many long minutes.

Anne went to school and handed back her fourth grade class back to its regular teacher. Dave left town today for Purdue and made it back to school safely. Dan is flying back to LA tomorrow. It looks like at least on the home front, the holidays are drawing quickly to a close and the expanse of another new year lies ahead of us. I’d done enough looking backwards at the end of last year, what with both a best of 2012 photo compendium and a telling of my WordPress report card. Now it is time to look forward, look into the future and do some prognosticating.

While 2012 was a pretty good year in RegenAxe land, I predict that 2013 will be even better. I don’t have any empirical proof to back this assertion, but I do have optimism. Isn’t that good enough? That’s one positive prediction, now according to form I have to lay a really heavy downer on you now, the Democrats and the Republicans are going to continue to squabble into this New Year. Hey, I know that this is akin to predicting that the sun is going to rise tomorrow, but I thought that I had already gone out there on the limb with my better 2013 prediction. What if the Mayan’s weren’t as good at math as we’ve given them credit for and they forgot to carry a year?

I’ve made a resolution. Actually, I’ve made quite a few. Most of them though are the same old ones that I and everyone else seem to make this time every year. I’ll lose weight. I’ll eat healthier. I’ll drink less. I’ll exercise more. To this list of so far unobtainium, I’ll add a new albeit modest New Year’s resolution; I’ll use fewer emoticons in my blog posts this year. Before you go there, yesterday’s post was so about last year, so it really doesn’t count, thank you very much. I know that foreswearing further use of the emoticon is hardly a lofty goal, but look at it this way, when I eventually lapse and you know that I will, who is going to care, certainly not me. 😳

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