End of the Year, Not the World

Three Mayans walk into a bar. They are all dour faced. Trying to cheer them up, the bartender says, “Come on guys, it’s not the end of the world.”

I worked a half-day today and now I am off for the rest of the year and shortly after I got home Dave made it home too, his overnight stay at a Motel 6 not withstanding. Rey arrived not too long afterwards. He is spending the night here on his way out to Colorado and his grandparent’s house. Anne worked until three and now too is off for the rest of the year. This was also her last day of teaching the fourth grade as a long-term substitute. She still has a little bit of grading yet to do and a boatload of Christmas booty. I picked her up after school and shuttled her to the doctor, so she could have the pins taken out of her hand. All-in-all it was a pretty good day.

The movie with this post was made with the iPhone app, Action Movie FX. Dan introduced me to it yesterday. It took top honors this year as the best app for the iPhone. The app is free and lets users shoot short scenes that are then enhanced with special effects such as falling rocks and vehicles and various missile attacks. That’s Anne’s car that gets blown-up in the movie. Does this mean I have to buy her a new one, to replace the one that I blew up?

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