Trials and Tribulations

Western Indian Paintbrush in the Sand

Western Indian Paintbrush in the Sand

I was still in the jury box all day and I shall be there again tomorrow. Hopefully, tomorrow will end my civic obligation. I think that all of my fellow jurors share a similar sentiment. We would all like this trial to be over. This experience is interesting at times, but mainly it is boring and it does come with a rather heavy emotional tariff. I’m still under the judge’s gag order, so that is all I can say.

I biked to court today and returned home both for lunch and at the end of the day. I don’t have to report until nine, so my mornings are pretty leisurely. Lunch was late, but at an hour and 45 minutes it also facilitates ample down time. I got out at five and it is full dark by then. I have lights, enough to be seen with, if not enough to see. I’m running with blinking LEDs fore and aft. I have a halogen light system, but I suspect that security might have an issue with me bringing in what could be construed as bomb making material, my water-bottle sized NiCd battery. Leaving tonight, both the bailiff and a fellow juror asked me to be careful going home. Hey, isn’t this why we have two alternates?

File this under tribulations, when I came home at lunch my home DSL was out. I couldn’t surf the web, while I had my sandwich and tangerines. Instead, I tried to diagnose and correct the problem. My diagnosis was that it was all AT&T’s problem. My brand new AT&T modem thought that it was connected to the Internet, but it was just fooling itself. I came home tonight prepared to run the gauntlet of help-line hell, but fortunately, everything was working just fine again. This rather lackluster post is the result of my working again home DSL.

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