Yosemite Sagebrush Lizard

The Dan referred to in this post is a friend of mine. Dan shared with me some of his accumulated wisdom about the modern workplace. As background, we both work in office environments, for large companies. The reader should be warned that Dan holds a rather sardonic opinion on work. Here are a few of my favorites from his much longer list.

  • Engineers are like machines which turn coffee into PowerPoint presentations.
  • Never under any circumstances drink a large cup of coffee before a three-hour staff meeting. [I wish that I had known this before this week’s staff meeting.]
  • If you think nobody cares, miss all of your meetings. You’ll know for sure in a week, one way or the other.
  • There are two ways to argue your point, yell and yell louder. [If you say it long enough and loud enough, it has got to be true, right?]
  • A closed mouth gathers no budget. [This is sort of the opposite of the squeaky wheel gets the grease.]

The Yosemite Sagebrush Lizard pictured with this post was photographed at the overlook between the upper and lower Yosemite Falls. This is located a good thousand feet above the valley floor. He is about a foot in length. Since he was encountered at the halfway point, this begs the question, did he climb up or did he climb down? Either way it makes for a long journey, maybe even a generational one.

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