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Moose Head at Blueberry Hill

First off, Anne and I went to get our heads shaved today. This may not sound like much, but hear me out. I went in and got my basic haircut, but Anne wanted a haircut like Jane’s. Anne didn’t have a picture to show the stylist, but in the end came away with a pretty accurate rendition. Next, we did some grocery shopping, sailed by the post office and then swung home again and picked up Dave.

We drove to the U City Loop and had lunch at Blueberry Hill. The moose is part of this establishment’s rather eclectic decor. This being Small Business Saturday, we walked up and down the Loop and shopped. We didn’t buy anything, but it was interesting trying. The Loop is a way cooler shopping experience than any old mall could be.

Next, I went biking in the park. The wind had died down, but it was a lot colder than it has been. The combination of the cold weather and the already setting sun caused me to cut-short my ride. I’ll have to dig out the lights, so that getting caught out after dark isn’t such a big deal.

Last night I watched “The Conspirator”, Robert Redford’s movie about the trial of Mary Surratt, the sole woman accused in the conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. It is free to Amazon Prime subscribers. As near as I can tell Redford’s movie starts where Steven Spielberg’s movie “Lincoln” ends. When I see “Lincoln” it will be interesting to compare and contrast some of the historical figures that surely will appear in both movies. Of particular interest will be the “Lincoln” portrayal of Secretary of War Stanton. Kevin Kline rather evilly plays him in “Conspirator”.

Redford’s movie is a scream of outrage at the miscarriage of justice by the military tribunals that were used to convict the Lincoln conspirators. Just when you think that this kangaroo court cannot run any further off the rails of justice, it does. The historical echos for our modern-day tribunals at Gitmo are unmistakable. I believe that the Lincoln tribunals have even been used as precedent for the Gitmo ones.

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  1. So do I. (So does Marquis for that matter.) I don’t know why he said “shaved”, but it’s his blog.
    I just asked her to try and cut the top for volume, since I dislike my winter hair.

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