Steinberg Rink’s List of NOs

Steinberg Rink’s List of NOs

I mentioned already that Steinberg Ice Rink in Forest Park, had opened up for the winter season. It is an outdoor rink, so even with a below ground refrigeration, it can only run the ice for about a third of the year. It supplements ice skating, with beach volleyball in the summer months, but skating still remains its main function.

Some of the prohibitions listed seem to be reasonable safety concerns, but I would like to draw your attention to prohibition #2. Here still, prohibiting sleds seems like reasonable policy. Sleds are for Art Hill. I’m not sure what a skate aid is, but then I’m not much of an ice skater either. But are people with walkers really all that prevalent at the ice rink that they have to be called out? I looked for, but did not find any geriatric skaters, with or without their walkers.

There is one other possibility. Perhaps Steinberg, with its often unseasonal display of outdoor ice gets confused in the minds of Star Wars fans, with the ice planet Hoth. Banning walkers then makes perfect sense. Imperial walkers on the rink would ruin the whole skating experience for everyone.

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