Triplicate Girl

Triplicate Girl

My Triplicate Girl image is just a bit of Photoshop fun. She’s no superhero and after the hit points incurred from her recent bicycle wreck, maybe now she feels more like Duo Damsel. Soon though, she will be ready to reboot and be back to her full three-thirds of herself.

Anne missed school on Friday, the day after her surgery. I’m sure that the fourth graders complained about having a substitute for their substitute. I scored her the big gun, Vitamin-P, Percocet, for her pain. Joanie drove her to see the surgeon again, on Friday. Anne now has a plastic cast for her hand and a long list of care procedures to perform.

I went to work on Friday and as I was walking into the building, I got a text from Dave. A friend had died unexpectedly, a skiing accident and he was on his way to New York for the memorial service. He’s in Rochester now. He’ll be in Cooperstown for the service on Monday. Tuesday he’s back at Purdue and on Wednesday he’ll hit the Lou. Dan flies in from LA tomorrow, Monday. Yes sir-re, he’ll be here all week folks.

I’ll be curious to see the boy’s reaction to all of the changes around the house that we have wrought as of late. We just got our new-new awning yesterday, but since it looks identical to the old new awning, they probably won’t notice. I’m sure that they will notice the new DSL modem, if only because it is password protected. The old one wasn’t, so this will make using the Wi-Fi an initial challenge. Once in the computer room, they’ll surely notice the new 27” flat screen monitor, an early Christmas present from Uncle Chris. Then there is the dungeon. All of the dragons are still there; they’ve just been put away. I imagine that this will be a week of major unpacking.

This weekend has been busy with preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday. This weekend’s good weather and the lack of any more medical emergencies allowed me the opportunity to finish weather-proofing the back porch. The month-long interruption for our dungeon crawl, almost prevented this project from being completed before winter. Now it is time for the more prosaic chores of vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom, and bicycling, we can’t forget about bicycling in the park. Steinberg Rink is up and running now, for the winter.

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