I am the Count. I will count the votes.

My Polling Place

I voted first thing this morning. I got to my polling place before the polls even opened. There was already a long line there waiting, about a couple hundred people. I got in line right behind my neighbor. I had seen him pulling out of his driveway, when I was just starting my car. It was nice to have someone to speak with, for the 45 minutes it took to make it up to the first table, better than Angry Birds.

My neighbor chose the voting machine, but I elected to use paper instead. Paper ballots being like those multiple guess tests that I use to take in school. There was a line for the machines, but no wait for the paper ballots. When I fed my ballot into the optical scan machine though, my neighbor was long since gone. I guess that the machines are faster.

Anne voted in the afternoon, after school. She only had to wait 15 minutes. The very first voter in line this morning was a young black woman. I gave her a hat tip for being number one as I made my way to the end of the long line. She seemed to appreciate the acknowledgement.

There was a racial incident in our municipality, the night before last. Some dip-stick had tagged some houses and a few cars with KKK. When I saw the multitude of black faces in line before me in our well-integrated city, I had to feel some small measure of satisfaction and revenge.

As I write this post, I’m also waiting for the polls to close. As near as I can tell, both sides are convinced that they are going to win. Me and the Democrats, we have polling, numbers, data and statistics on our side. The Republicans, well they have their opinions, the polls are skewed, the media is biased and their man is going to win, win big.  

One way or the other, I hope and pray that it is over tonight. What I want least of all is a tie, like we had in Florida in 2000. What I want most of all is the reelection of both President Obama and Senator McCaskill. Tonight’s election coverage will definitely make for some must see TV.

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