Be Careful for What You Wish

Sand Spider

This particular beastie seems well camouflaged within its environs. It is only with the magic hour light of the setting sun that this much contrast can be extracted from the sands. Small enough to go undetected beneath crushing barefoot feet, it is still a predator and as such it is always on the hunt. I like many people find spiders a wee bit creepy, but it seemed a suitable graphic for this Halloween post.

Yesterday, I was walking at lunch with my work buddy Dan. I don’t remember how we got on this subject, but Dan related to me his jury duty experience. He was on a capital murder trial, here in Saint Louis. He was sequestered, cutoff from the outside world for a week. The trial started on a Monday and they reached a verdict Friday evening. They found the defendant guilty. Writing about his experience, I don’t remember hearing whether or not the death penalty was involved in this trial.

Hearing his story, I told him that I have never been called for jury duty. I’ve been eligible to serve for over forty years, but I’ve never been called. Anne has been called two or three times since we moved to Saint Louis and has even sat in judgement. I must have expressed some interest in serving, because I distinctly remember Dan’s warning, “Be careful for what you wish for.”

Spiders and bats were scary as a child, but what still gives me the willies is unexplained surprises, at least not the pleasant surprises. There was a letter waiting for me when I got home last night, a summons really, a summons to report to jury duty. I hate it when fate plays a trick like this on me. I like most people much prefer the unexpected treat. In December, I will report to the county courthouse. I may be called to serve, or I may not. Sitting in judgement of another person is a truly scary thought to behold on this holiday to fright, even more so on how it came to pass.

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  1. Carl has been on jury duty twice in December, and both times was dismissed for lack of cases, attorneys or judges.

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