Pontiac Moon


The battle of the basement is over, well all except the paying for it. On Friday, the plumbers finished off the last few loose ends. They even moved and hooked-up our washer and dryer, a nice touch.

On Saturday, Anne canvassed for Claire McCaskill (D), the US Senator who is running for reelection in Missouri. Canvassing involves driving to Claire’s campaign headquarters, getting a list of names and then driving and/or walking door-to-door. Anne was in Warson Woods, a tony neighborhood that I’m surprised even sports enough Democrats to be worth worrying about. Anne canvassed for four hours. Unfortunately, Sunday’s Post-Dispatch had a front page article that announced the latest poll. Todd Akin (R), mister “legitimate rape” has recently narrowed the gap considerably. The poll says that he still trails Claire by 2%, but the poll’s margin of error is 4%. What does that mean?

While Anne was being all civil minded, I went bicycling in the park. While riding around the traffic circle in front of the Jewel Box, I almost got flattened three times. The first two times was from the same SUV. While I was going around this traffic circle, this SUV comes up from behind, the husband-driver decided that I was going to turn right and exit the circle, except that I wasn’t. I then had to veered out of his way. He stuttered stopped, but since I had veered, he decided that he had the right of way and pressed on the gas. With no time to get out of his way, I just stopped.

Fortunately for me so did he. With both of us now halted, I proceeded to give him an earful. What diffused the situation was his wife. She had both hands up, palms out and was waggling them in submission. No harm, no foul, so we went our separate ways. I figured that she could much more succinctly express my opinions then any of my expletive laced bleats ever could. Later in this ride I returned to the scene of the crime. This time I was cut off by a New River Church van. At least this driver might have prayed over me.

Tonight is game four of the World Series. The Giants are up 3-0 over the Tigers, so the Tigers are fighting for their lives. Certainly my Michigan outlaws are rooting for the Tigers. Also for sure Reverend Carl, pastor of Church of Baseball is also rooting for the Tigers. He always roots for more over less baseball. Well, dear readers even my Bros are rooting for the Tigers to win tonight and tomorrow night too. These two native Californians have tickets to Game 6 and want to see the Giants clinch at home.

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