Monday Morning

Saint Louis Ballet at Dancing in the Street

Anne and I spent our weekend somewhat separately, only crossing paths while around the house. Friday night we didn’t do much, but at least we did it together. Saturday morning, I went into work. When I returned, I went for a bicycle ride in the park. Anne begged off riding and did school work instead.

On Saturday afternoon, Forest Park was full of its usual fall activities, cyclists, runners and walkers, rugby players and wedding parties. On my way home I passed a particularly frigid wedding ceremony, just setting up on the shores of the Grand Basin. Typically wedding partiers only pause at the Grand Basin long enough for a brief photo-op. Even on a cooler than normal weekend like this last one, the bridesmaids don’t normally catch a chill, assuming of course that they are suitably fortified when they stumble out of their idling party bus.

Saturday night, as reported, I watched Iron Sky. Meanwhile Anne and Joanie enjoyed a girl’s night out, dinner and a show. They had a great time, which was only slight marred by a few unsightly Todd Akin campaign signs. They had dinner at Hendel’s Café in Florissant. The show was a Dance Saint Louis production, performed at the Touhill. Instead of their usual venue, which normally features a visiting out-of-town dance troupe, this show was put together from local dance companies. Most of them, we saw perform the previous weekend at Dancing in the Street. The show dubbed New Dance Horizons, offered four world premiers, performed by four local dance companies and created by four local choreographers. Two of the dancers from one of the dance troupes, Leverage Dance Theater, were pictured in last week’s Presidential Date Night post. Another one of the four groups was Saint Louis Ballet, which also performed at Dancing in the Street and is pictured with this post.

Sunday dawned before noon. Anne and Joanie went to the Shaw Art Fair. I went biking again, this time in a nearly empty park. Afterwards, I started water proofing the back porch, all the while listening to the Cardinal’s game, which they eventually managed to blow. The Red Birds never want to do it the easy way.

Monday, monday (ba-da ba-da-da-da)
 So good to me (ba-daba-da-da-da)
Monday morning, it was all I hoped it would be
 Oh monday morning, monday morning couldn’t guarantee
That monday evening you would still be here with me
Mamas and the Papas

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