One More Day in the Sun

19 Inning Game

Almost a year has passed since the Saint Louis Cardinals came from behind, to win Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. After a year, Game 7, the game that actually secured the championship seems almost like an epilogue. The Red Bird’s underdog status began a month before the end of the regular season. They secured a wildcard berth on only the last day of the regular season. They were never favored to win any of their post-season series, but some how they did.

Today, begins the Card’s 2012 playoff bid. Today, they have a one game do or die against the Atlanta Braves. Hence this post’s title, ‘One More Day in the Sun’. I suppose that the Cardinals will remain the World Champions until the final out of the final game, but calling yourselves the Champs has more gravitas, if you are still a contender. Just to get you non-Saint Louisians in the mood for another exciting October of baseball, I offer up the following synopsis of that dramatic Game 6. I believe that this video has escaped  MLB censorship, because it ‘artistically’ melds the national and local audio feeds. Watch it, dream and join with me when I yell, GO CARDS!

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