Flying Down the Highway

Fluffy Clouds

We had our 40th high school reunion finale last night. No Bob Seger, he was a no-show. The party was held on a tennis court at the Ann Arbor Golf & Outting Club. Fortunately, the rain abated and we enjoyed a clear, calm and cool evening. Strategically placed gas burners took the edge of the evening’s gathering cold. It was a lot quieter than the previous evening’s party at Frasers. This much facilitated conversation. It was catered by Knights.

We were slow to get launched from Ann Arbor this morning. Having two breakfasts will do that. First breakfast was eggs with Bubs and Harry and second breakfast was Starbucks at Jane’s. We did finally get on the road and made good time. The sky was pretty for most of the trip, filled with fluffy white clouds. Unfortunately, the clouds disappeared by the time that we closed on Saint Louis. This left us staring into the setting sun. That’s what you get living in the Gateway to the West.

There was one event in today’s otherwise uneventful drive home. We were coming down on I-69, nearing Indianapolis, when a police convoy passed us. They were transporting something very dangerous (like convicts) or very valuable (like money), or both (drugs). The convoy was led by a police armored car. It was the only marked vehicle in this parade, but it was easy to identify all of the police vehicles. Indiana law enforcement plates have a distinctive yellow officer’s badge emblazoned upon them. Directly behind the armored car was a pair of what I initially took to be UPS vans. They were the new kind of van that is overly tall and narrows towards the top. I think Volvo makes them. They were painted UPS brown, but had no other markings. Behind the vans were at least a dozen unmarked vehicles, all sporting yellow badge plates. After the convoy had passed and just before we hit Indy there was a sudden and unexplained backup. Immediately several more unmarked cars sped past us, bobbing and weaving through traffic. This made Anne nervous, but that is the last that we saw of any of them. They were a mystery.

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