Pikes, Needles and Pocket Knifes

Space Needle Group Photo

Jay, Carl, Anne and I left Lopez Island on Sunday night. We left just after the previous post’s photo was taken. The ferry was nearly empty and soon it was too dark to bother taking photographs. The return of cellphone service provided a nice distraction. Jay performed yeoman service by driving us back to Seattle, through the dark and rain. Speaking of rain, the rain that fell broke a near-fifty day drought in Seattle, just a few days short of the record.

On Monday, Jay left for work before I awoke and Carl squired us around town again. This time, we went to Pikes Market and this time up in the Space Needle. The photo with this post is an automated picture that every visitor to the Space Needle gets. The Space Needle was celebrating its 50th anniversary. We got lots more of our own pictures yet to post. So stay tuned. They’ll be coming to this blog soon.

Then it was off to the airport, which will be another story. Well there really isn’t much to say, Frontier and Denver performed. We landed on time and Joanie pulled up curbside just as we walked up to it. This air travel schtick isn’t so hard after all. It just needs a little bit of practice. I forgot to tell you about the pocket knife and the TSA agent, but didn’t I just say that would be another story? Until then, you can chalk this up under, “Don’t be like Mark”.

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