Chihuly Fro

Anne and Carl with His New Chihuly Fro

We’re in Seattle now. We had a horrid flight experience out here courtesy of United and Chicago. We were supposed to land at 10:30 PM local, but instead didn’t land until 2:30 AM. A Wednesday morning thunderstorm line precipitated this entire misadventure. Get it? Precipitated it? We were originally flying through Chicago, but those pesky summer t-storms wrecked that plan. We diverted to San Francisco, but Chicago wasn’t done with us yet. Out connection from San Francisco to Seattle was coming from, yup, you guessed it, Chicago.

We still got our play day in of Thursday. Carl did yeoman duty tourist guiding us around town. We spent most of the day hanging out at Seattle Center, the site of the Space Needle and the ’62 World’s Fair. Highlights there were the EMP Museum and the new Chihuly Center. Carl also showed us at least half-a-dozen local landmarks. Like I said, he did yeoman duty. For dinner, we journeyed east to Jay’s office, picked her up and then had a delightful dinner with coworker Lisa and Tom.

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