Japanese Festival

Japanese Garden’s Zig-Zag Bridge

We biked to the Gardens for the Japanese Festival. We met there Joanie and her friends, Randy and Becky. We arrived first and since parking was no problem, we lit out towards the Japanese Gardens, which are at the far end. We had arrived at 10:15 and the doors only opened at ten, so when we made it there, things were still relatively uncrowded. I still had to wait a bit to get this shot sans people. We eventually met up with Joanie and then Randy and Becky. We had lunch at the festival. I chose poorly, since everyone else’s lunch looked better. Anne graciously shared some of hers.

This has been a rather soggy Labor Day weekend and as it winds up, we’ve started preparing for this coming work week. Anne will be at the elementary school tomorrow. That means that she’ll be setting her iPhone ducks a-quacking. They’ll start quacking at the butt quack of dawn, as opposed to the duck quack of dawn, because it has that certain, Je ne sais quack. I’ll bill you later for all of these fowl puns. These ducks were made for quacking and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these ducks will quack all over you. 😆

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