Isaac arrives today. Saint Louis and I await his arrival with some trepidation. This is because four years ago Hurricane Ike struck at this time of year. Ike caused flooding and wind damage. It also disrupted the Tour of Missouri bicycle race.

My informal survey of the guys at work had the majority of them planning on cleaning out their gutters before the storm struck. I was able to one up them all, since I had new gutters installed last week and yes they have been tested.  I also have a roof that was installed this month. Now both of these items were replaced because of storm damage, but they should function properly. Isaac looks to be primarily a rain event. I hope. Wind shouldn’t be too big a factor.

Driving up to the gate this morning, I found the front window of the guard’s booth covered in blue tape. I thought that this was storm preparation. Later I found out that a workman had cracked the window with a drill.

Our Labor Day weekend will be mostly washed out. Rain is forecasted to start Friday afternoon and continue until Sunday morning. Ike passed through in less than a day. I think that is related to why it was more of a wind event then I expect Isaac to be. Like Ike, Isaac will disrupt this weekend’s bicycle races. Whether they go on in the rain or not is likely still up in the air.

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