Primary Election Do-Over

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Earlier this month (8/7), the non-presidential primary election was held. Anne worked it as an Election Official. Everything seemed to go well, until it didn’t. Due to redistricting, incumbant state representatives Stacey Newman and Susan Carlson were smashed together in the 87th District. Newman won by a single vote, 1,823 to 1,822. A recount was automatic and the recount unearthed a huge can of worms. In a Brentwood polling place more than 100 voters were given the incorrect ballot and allowed to vote in this race, when they shouldn’t have been allowed to vote at all. Anne is so glad that it wasn’t at her polling place.

On Monday, a judge ruled an election do-over. All sixteen polling places in the district will be open on Monday, 9/24. This includes that faulty Brentwood poll, hopefully under new management. If not, then even they should be able to handle the process, I hope. There will be only one ballot and the voter rolls will only list eligible voters. Anne has already gotten a voicemail from the County Election Commission.

While, this do-over should eventually resolve this election deadlock, the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch is not quite so sure, “No Republicans filed to run in the district, meaning the Democratic victor will likely represent the area in the state House.” My emphasis added.

3 thoughts on “Primary Election Do-Over

  1. Anne aside, I don’t see a lot of good news in the overall Missouri elected official world. Yes, I’m talking about Akin.

  2. In the case of our state representative, the choice is between to excellent candidates. Both women are experienced representatives. I see that as a win-win. Regarding Akin, I see his bout of foot-in-mouth disease as a boon for the Democrats in general and Claire McCaskill in particular, another win-win.

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