Oh the Humanity!

New Grand Avenue Bridge Pylon

Our bicycle ride today was a lot like yesterdays. We rode again to the Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park. This time though, we didn’t get caught in the rain. On the way over to the festival we detoured over to the new Grand Avenue Bridge. Grand had been closed, seemingly forever. It opened sometime this summer, while we were on vacation. Also on vacation this summer, our next door neighbor’s moved. We knew that they were not at home, but just figured that they were away on vacation. They’re moving ‘uptown’ or across to Clayton. They have two small daughters and must have figured that the Clayton schools would be better for them. Better? The Clayton school district certainly has more money than Maplewood-Richmond Heights, but we have improved so much in the past few years and there is no sign of that change abating.

We ate lunch again at the festival. Today we had Ethiopian and Romanian. I made a mistake in yesterday’s post; the beef dish with the unusual ‘bread’ was Ethiopian and not Nigerian. I learned this today when I went through the same line that I had yesterday. The so-called ‘bread’ is called injera. The ingredient that gives injera its unusual texture is a native Ethiopian grain called teff. While not gluten-free, teff is supposed to be gluten friendly, because it doesn’t have the offending component that make gluten a problem for some people. Who knew?

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