There Is No Crying In Baseball

A Rabid Cardinal Fan

“There is no crying in baseball”, said actor Tom Hanks, as the alcoholic manager of the featured all woman baseball team in the movie, “A League of Their Own”. While I did not breakdown into tears after Sunday’s nineteen inning for nothing loss, I did whine a lot about it in my Sunday night post about it. All I can say in excuse is that I was tired. I am a little bit more rested now and I am prepared to be more upbeat than I was before. Hey, a win is a win and of course a loss is a loss. A win would have been nice, but as a consolation prize we get a three game home stand against the hapless Houston Astros.

We are the champions of the world. We may have lost our best hitter and our manager from last year, but we are still the champions, at least for now. The Cardinal fan pictured above, who was chosen totally at random is totally upbeat on the Card’s chances this year. While last Sunday’s marathon ended disappointingly, by last year’s standard it is still way too early to start peaking. Cheer up Cardinal fans! It is not even September yet. Conserve your strength for the playoffs. It’s still summer, it is still a long way to winter!

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